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We are Mississippi licensed and insured tree surgeons and arborists offering a wide range of hands-on and consulting services.

We're Different from the Others

Tree Tech owner, Stephen Perkins, climbing a tree without using tree spikes

Tree Tech owner and ISA certified Arborist, Stephen Perkins, employing a non-invasive, spikeless tree climbing technique. While this tree climbing method requires greater skill and effort, it eliminates the risks to tree health that are associated with using tree spikes (such as introducing diseases and leaving behind wounds that offer points of entry for fungus and insect pests).

Every action we take is designed to optimize the health and longevity of your trees.

Tree-Friendly Climbing Techniques – We go the extra mile by using spikeless tree climbing techniques to ensure that we don't introduce pests or diseases into your trees.  Other tree climbers use metal spikes to assist their climbing but these spikes damage trees and leave wounds where pests and diseases can enter. You hire us to solve your tree problems not create them!

Client Education –  We take the time to answer your questions and counsel you on tree nutrition, tree maintenance and how to know when your trees need professional help. We also provide useful articles on tree health and related topics via links on our resources page.

Customer Service – We pride ourselves on our quality work and unbeatable customer service.  We appreciate our clients as people who care about their trees as much as we do and we show it by bringing our A-game every time.


I have never employed a more caring and conscientious company to care for my landscape.

Ray Neilson,  Edwards, MS.


About the Owner

Tree Tech owner, Stephen Perkins, began his career studying forestry at East Mississippi Community College.  During his final semester, Stephen discovered his passion for arboriculture and has devoted his life to increasing his expertise in this field.  In addition to being, Jackson's only practicing ISA Certified Arborist, Stephen holds a diploma in Urban Forestry from Texas A&M University, and has competed in numerous tree-climbing championships.

Arboriculture is not Stephen's job—it is his life.  With 15 years experience and a growing list of highly satisfied commercial, municipal and residential clients, Stephen is committed to making Tree Tech Arboricultural Services a household name in Mississippi.


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